Bizerte book

You know we were preparing, in collaboration with Artipresse, a book on the Bizerte. Atipresse will be taking alone responsability for the book.

This book has been written by Gérard Bousquet, the text is ready (but additions are always a possibility), captions for the photos have to be defined and arranged by chapters, some additional profiles should be made and the layout done. We intended to have the book out of print before 2016 year 's end, but now Artipresse will have to define the schedule (see Letter Nr 03)

The book should be sold at 48 euros, all taxes included, without transportation - price is NOT stabilized yet, bad or good surprises might happen.The author has improved the text with additional information (march 2016). Compared to the previous version, the text has grown of 50 % on the three measurements (pages, words, characters). We should now have the final version, we will have to confirm the price or modify it. The author will chose the pictures, the captions and scan them in a few weeks.

We offer it at reduced price to the kit subscribers, to 38 euros, without transportation. Again, this is a purchase with differed delivery (you will receive the book before the kit), valid only for the kit subscribers, one copy per kit at maximum.

Some kits  subscribers already requested the book, without knowing the price. They have not to confirm their registration. Other subscribers may register again for the book (BUT there will be no registration for the book alone). Payment of book and kit, and transport for book, will be requested at confirmation.

We will have less books than kits, but there are really few risks of shortage !