Delivery : in three years, we get the kit  (schedule to confirm - in reality three years after start of project)

Documentation : a book is cooking in Artipresse publications, we should get here the Bizerte bible (we only need our friend Gérard Bousquet to finish the volume 4 of 'Les Ailes françaises', in one week according to him), then we would go for the book Bizerte (text ready, reviewed and corrected). Anyway, we have access to this documentation and we will pass it to the manufacturer (MPM, who defined a Sunderland, having the capacity of dealing with a kit this size). An other book on Breguet planes went out in Lela Press (second volume under press, if we get it right). And... we are betting there are still unplublished documentations and pictures, who knows ?

Boxes, quantities : two boxes of 1000 units or, more probably, three boxes of 800 (2 400 kits), we might have one box for French Navy until june armistice, one box Vichy + Luftwaffe, one box French after armistice.

Intended plan: 

  • first, check the opportunity, check if people are interested (get email adresses and names) during two or three months. Build the final plan in parallel and submit it. Shops will probably be allowed to subscribe, and would then be submitted to the same rules as persons.
  • Launch an advertisment campaign, in websites and french magazines, in order to increase the number of subsribers (started)
  • In January, we will meet Special Hobby / MPM to discuss the project.
  • We will order a box art in order to raise awareness, and record people interested in shows (this is a bit of a pity we have not done that while in Telford !)
  • Confirmation of project, definition of the macro-tasks (probably three steps and three checkpoints)
  • Subscription of first step, realization (probably : 3D design and/or master design). We may re-use the Aerovac kit (and improve it) to get the 3D model or master. According to people who know, wings are fine but hull will have to be (a bit improved). But that will be discussed later
  • Subscription of second step, realization (molds - to check)
  • Realization of third step (production, definition of decals, boxes, building instructions, etc)
  • Sale to public, shipment of kits to subscribers (first and second steps)

Price on first step, second step and public price will not be the same (obviously getting up). In other words, first step subscribers will pay less than second step subscribers, these ones paying less than public price. So the 1 st step subscibers will pay on project start and will wait three years for the kit. Second step subscribers will wait less and pay more (still less than public price) We will see if we should put in place (or not) a third subscription step (same rule).

If there is not enough public attention for the project (in other words, if risks are too high), we will not launch the project. If we launch the first subscription and finally go back, we will naturally reimbourse the subscribers. And we will timely report on project advance.  We might create a Facebook page (done) or a specific website for the project.

This is a first idea, we will have to work on it (with you), we will attend the Telford meeting (in MPM booth) and we may discuss the project. We will start soon collecting the names and addresses of persons who are interested (if you already want to show your interest, just put in the mail title : Bizerte - and maybe the quantity, for example ten !).

This aircraft is really appealing, it deserves a nice kit in 1/72 nd scale, doesn't it ?