FR0035 Super Mystère B 2

We are producing with Special Hobby 3 boxes (maybe 4) of this kit, in french ( Atar 101 G-3 engine) and israeli version (Atar 101 G-2 and Pratt & Whitney J-52 engines). The kits will be in 1/72 nd scale.

We should be able to show the tests shots in March 2018. The first surfaces were not good enough (which explains why the initial schedule was not met) but we now have a fully satisfying result.

We will keep you updated soon on this high priority project. You may see below the 3D views. The nose, with a rather difficult shape, will be done in one part (as requested by some french enthusiasts we are working with) :

3D views:















Documentation (all the below doc in french) :

  • Les chasseurs Dassault Ouragans, Mystères et Super-Mystères - Cuny - Docavia
  • Super Mystère B2 en service dans l'Armée de l'Air - Liebert, Moreau, Defever - EM37 Editions
  • Ciel de Guerre 26 - La Force Armée Israélienne (III) - January 2015
  • Ciel de Guerre xx - La Force Armée Israélienne (IV) - release date scheduled for March 2016