FR0041 SNCASE SE-S35 Mistral

French fighter, 247 built in France between 1951 and 1953. This was a modification of the Vampire (already license built by SNCASE), with a more powerful Rolls-Royce NENE engine.

The Mistral was impressed into service in 5 èmes, 6 èmes, 7 èmes et 8 èmes "escadres de chasse" from 1952 to 1960. Also put into service in 1960 in the 20 ème escadre, used over Algeria, this aircraft was too fast for the strafing role, and was then replaced by the Skyraider.


BOX ART coming

Camouflages :
  • Mistral n°82, 8-PB  (box art)
  • Mistral n°195, 7-BC
  • Mistral n°64, 20-LF "Ouarsenis"