The game is over, we have the three winners. 

Le jeu est terminé, nous avons les trois gagnants. 

We should announce in Telford (7 and 8 November 2015) the coming release of four kits in 1/72 nd scale on the same aircraft. But we goofed with the site, we prepared the web pages in french and published them, there is no need then to wait for Telford to give you the game results and the kits (history will and decals may be changed):

  • Czech Republic :                   Pavel Tichy     Thursday 29/10, 10h37        (OK, MPM did announce in e-day they were working on an Alizé for Frrom. We were not aware of the announce, but we choose to isolate Czech Republic and France)
  • Rest of world (Argentina) :     Pablo Ziegler                Friday 30/10, 20h01
  • France :                                  Jean-Yves Stollsteiner Saturday 31/10, 15h19


Game (over) :

We proposed to guess whet was the new aircraft we will release. We let the text 'as is' for the moment, but the game is over.

We will announce in Telford (7 and 8th of November, 2015) the release of four kits at 1/72 nd scale, all on the same plane. So we ask you to guess what this plane is. We will give every day additional information on the plane (or the kits), we will request the few people who have inside knowledge not to participate and not to give the information to their friends (people from MPM group are not allowed to participate).

Information :

  • Reminder : you may play more than once, but only once in a 'play day' (see below)
  • Game won for CZ republic and "rest of the word". And also for France - at least.
  • We will send a mail to the winners on coming Friday
  • Thanks to all who answered ! We will meet them with pleasure at Telford, for example... 
  • The aircraft was involved in at least two wars.
  • The plane had a life span of more than 20 years (first flight up to removal from last operational unit)
  • Mono-engine, monoplane, less than 300 built, 3 main versions
  • First carrier-landing trials on a british carrier. Served in Pacific
  • Triplace. Engine was a Rolls-Royce Dart. Served with "White Cobras", where it claimed a submarine. Life span of more than thirty years, less than 200 aircraft built. 15 planes only in third version, upgrade on second version planes (change of automatic pilot, FLIR camera added, upgrade of listening system - if this is what the acronym stands for... TBC)

Rules :

  • Winner in each geographical zone will get a set of these four kits, shipment to our charge (the winner will be the first one to give the right answer, according to the rules).
  • 3 geographical zones : France, Czech Republic and … rest of the world (well -yes- France and Czech Republic are a third of the world, for this game)
  • Game will start on Wednesday, 28 th of October, at 18:00, french winter time. No answer will be taken into account before the start (so please check what that means in your local time)
  • You have to give the manufacturer and the type, or the manufacturer and common name of the plane. Example, in the FRROM range: Vickers Type 132 or Vickers Vildebeest (Vickers Type 132 Vildebeest will for sure be allowed). If there is a discrepancy, manufacturer and type will be taken (Vickers type 132 Spitfire give Vickers  type 132)
  • Answers should be sent by the Contact page of the site
  • Only one answer is allowed per person (so we need your family and personal name) and per ‘play day’ (see below). In case of multiple answers for a person and a ‘play day’, we will cancel ALL THE ANSWERS for this person and ‘play day’ (just in case some smart person might send the list of all planes of all planes manufacturers on first day).
  • Variations in spelling are authorized (dots or dash or blank in type, Dassaut for Dassault), up to some limit
  • Some additional information will be published every ‘play day’ around 18:00 (french winter time), in english first then in french (but page management may be strange sometimes)  
  • A ‘play day’ runs from 18:00 (French winter time) on a calendar day to 18:00 (French winter time), next calendar day
  • We will publish the geographical zones in which the correct answer has been given, but not the winners names before the announcement in TELFORD. We will advise the winners by email during TELFORD
  • We will NOT use the emails addresses for commercial purposes or sell these addresses
  • The game may be stopped at any time.