FR0037 Potez 25 A2/B2 Lorraine

New projet : Potez 25 A2/B2 Update 1 st of July, 2018
We are producing two boxes of this plane, version A2/B2, in collaboration with Special Hobby (who will sell some boxes of the TOE version). 

We will start with (expected release date : Telford 2018) by : 

  • one box with Lorraine engine, with probably decals for France / Rumania / Poland
  • one bow with Hispano-Suiza engine, with probably decals for Greece / Rumania / TBD

We have shown in the Home page the pictures of 3D printed parts that will be used to make the corresponding moulds (fuselages, bottom of fuselage for A2/B2, bottom of fuselage for TOE, engines, propellers). The larger parts will be milled directly (wings).

Special Hobby will soon communicate on his boxes (probably TOE Lorraine and G&R Jupiter with decals for Yugoslavia / Croatia / Switzerland / Estonia).

We will enter soon into more details, the most important point was to have started the project - as you may see the 3D views below, we should get very detailed kits of this historically important plane which was used by many countries.

3D views :









Documentation :
  • Potez 25, Lela authors, Lela Presse (in french)