FR0X03 Potez 25 Africa and Asia

Description : 
Roundels, badges, codes used on some Potez 25. Roundels are not provided in the sheet when they already are in the original box, in order to give more codes and badges.



Presently, we aim at providing decals for countries, organisations and aircraft below (may vary at release).


  • Ethiopia : White 1, 2 et 3, Lorraine engine, A2 and White 2, Hispano engine, with the three different letterings on the Lorraine fuselages, and roundels for two aircraft.
  • AEF/AOF (French Africa): various badges, amongst which one (probably) used by the small training at Thies (Dakar), one plane having been seen at Atar (presently Mauritania) from 2 nd AOF squadron (White 5,  F210, Lorraine, White 12 with a Salmson engine, and one TOE)
  • AFN badge of escadrille 9/37 and probably one aircraft (TOE)
  • AEF/AOF: badges for the Djibouti squadron (Fennec), TBC
  • French Indochina: badges of 2 nd escadrille (Photografying Mosquito) weared by three aircraft (3, 5, 9) and third one without roundel on top wing
  • Manchuria: roundels and codes for White P.9, P.15 and P.2, Manchurian roundels, Lorraine engine (A2)
  • Japan: same as Manchuria with Japanese roundels (captured by Japanese troops and reused - at leastt P.9). No japanese roundel will be provided