Game Nr4

Good start, but some players forgot to give one of the requested informations -mostly, the scale- thus rending invalid their answer (not taken into account), an other person answered before 18:30 on the first day (same result: not taken into account). Many chose to keep their answer for day one until the last moment (before 18:30 today) so they may get two sets of information on day one, which is valid.

We have launched a new AZUR-FRROM project (release Q1 or Q2 2024). The goal of the game is to guess what will be this project (kit of an aircraft, in injected plastic). To win, you will have to indicate :

  • the aircraft designer (= manufacturer)
  • the aircraft exact type
  • the kit scale

We will give every day additional information on the plane or the kits (three clues each day, with a bonus on first day, so it might be quite fast), we will request the few people who have inside knowledge not to participate and not to give the information to their friends (staff from Special Hobby group are not allowed to participate).

Winners :

  • we will inform the winners after the game is over, and ship the kits when ready.
  • Rest of the World: Florin Buharu, Wednesday 16:32
  • France: Stéphane Chaperon,  Wednesday 18:35
  • CZ Republic: David Hényk, Wednesday 19:55
  • Game Over: Douglas DB-7 1/72 nd                         (code : FR0052)
  • We will  put the new page in place, with photos of the box art and moulds: fuselage, wings ... yes - SH is working now on the third mould (large sprue for small parts), the fourth (small sprue) and clear parts
  • Next time, we will change the Geos (France, Rest of the Word and probably UK)

Information and clues :     ( SORRY - a bit late)

  • D1
  • D1.1 The aircraft was part of a family that has been produced at more than a thousand units, and took part in a major conflict. The aircraft type was the first of the family in war operations
  • D1.2 The model has already been produced in our scale, in injected plastic, over ten years ago, according to Scalemates. We will propose ONE box of 1,000 units. 
  • D1.3 Wingspan: over 14 m, under 22 m
  • D1.4 Bonus : the aircraft wore at least three different roundels
  • D1.5 Bonus Bis : this is not a 1/48 th Coléoptére, nor a 1/48 th Vulcan, nor a Spitfire


  • D2.1 According to Scalemates, this kit was never produced in injected, in 1/48 th scale. Our kit will use new moulds.
  • D2.2 The prototype crashed on the ground during a demonstration flight, but the aircraft was nevertheless ordered.
  • D2.3 The aircraft operated with Pratt & Witney engines
  • You may play more than once, but only once in a 'play day' (see below). Please read the rules, we have slightly changed them to give you 30 mn before we accept the answers for that day. You may for sure save your answer for one day and use it at end of the day,  between 18:00 and 18:30, but you should not have used it on that same "play day". The informations provided are true (but maybe misleading sometimes - the goal of the the game is NOT to have everybody winning on day one !)
  • In your answer, please give us your geographical zone (FR or CZ or Rest of the World) and please give your answer in the Title (Objet) of your mail. Thank you !
  • A "major conflict" is one which involved more than 4 countries, which caused more than 5 millions casualties, lasted more than 3 years
  • Beginning of the game (and release of first clues) : Tuesday the 12 th of December, 18:00 (french time), we accept the first answers on Tuesday the 12 th, from 18:30 (french time)

Rules :

  • Winner in each geographical zone will get one unit of the kits, shipment to our charge (the winner will be the first one to give the right answer, according to the rules).
  • 3 geographical zones : France, Czech Republic and … rest of the world (well -yes- France and Czech Republic are a third of the world, for this game)
  • Game will start on Tuesday, 12 th of December, 2021, at 18:00, french winter time, we will give the first clues. No answer will be taken into account before the 12 th, 18:30 (french time)
  • Answers should be sent by the Contact page of the site Please put in the title (objet) of the message : "Game", your answer, your geographical zone
  • Only one valid answer is allowed per person (so we need your family and personal name) and per ‘play day’ (see below). In case of multiple valid answers for a person and a ‘play day’, we will cancel ALL THE ANSWERS for this person and ‘play day’ (just in case some smart person might send the list of all planes of all planes manufacturers on first day).
  • Variations in spelling are authorized (dots or dash or blank in type, Dassaut for Dassault), up to some limit
  • Some additional information will be published every ‘play day’ around 18:00 (french winter time), in english first then in french (but page management may be strange sometimes)  
  • A ‘play day’ for answers runs from 18:30 (French winter time) on a calendar day to 18:29:59 (French winter time), next calendar day
  • We will publish the geographical zones in which the correct answer has been given, but not the winners names before the announcement (end of game). We will advise the winners by email
  • We will NOT use the emails addresses for commercial purposes or sell these addresses
  • The game may be stopped at any time. if you have some questions, please ask them in the Contact page.