FR0058 Potez 25 Farman 12 We

Henry Potez created the Société des Avions Potez in 1921 after working with Marcel Bloch in the S.E.A. during WWI. He assigned the design of the Potez 25 to Louis Coroller. Of mixed wood & metal construction and powered by a 450 ch Lorraine-Dietrich 12 Eb engine, the Potez 25 prototype is thought to have first flown early in 1925.


The first prototype (25.1) was transferred to S.T.Aé in 1925 for testing, whilst an unarmed prototype (25.2) made a tour of European countries to demonstrate the viability of the design. This indicated the need for some modifications, the most significant being an increase of the wingspan to 14.16 m.

The Potez 25 was one of the most widely built French aircraft between the World Wars. Most aircraft were powered by Lorraine 12 Eb, Hispano-Suiza, or Gnome-Rhône (a licence-built Bristol Jupiter) engines, whilst some used Renault, Farman, or Salmson power. Either Potez or Messier landing gear was fitted and three styles of tailfins employed. This very versatile design was operated by about 20 countries and was still in use at the outbreak of WWII.

The Potez 25, in its various engines, was used by the following countries: France (several hundred), Poland, Romania, Abyssinia, Manchuria, Japan, Paraguay, Portugal, Uruguay, Yugoslavia, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Switzerland, Guatemala, Greece and Spain. It wass also used by Aéropostale in South America to cross the Andes (two modified A2s with Lorraine engines, three others in a modified TOE version). It was built under license by Yugoslavia, Romania and Portugal. The Potez 25 was used in conflicts by Paraguay (Chaco War), Greece, Yugoslavia, Japan, Brazil and France, where some aircraft were still being employed in 1940 in schools or for liaison work.

In year 1925, a prototype (14 m wingspan) was tested with a Farman 12 We. This W-shaped engine was developing 500 ch. A few aircraft were ordered, with a standard wingspan. These aircraft were easily identified by their uncommon engine and pointed spinner. 

The Farman engined Potez 25s vere delivered  from 1932, with serial numbers: 1940 to 1993 and 2232 to 2351.

They were used in GARs (Groupe Aérien Régional) and GAOs (Groupe Aérien d'Observation), there is no evidence that some aircraft were exported, or even sent out of mainland France. Farman Potez 25s were in service at least in GAO 508 (Lille), Nr2297 and 2344, in 1937, GAO 502 (Amiens), Nr2290, early 1939,  GAO 507 (Belfort), Nr1957, 2340 and 2343 in April 1938.

Specifications: reconnaissance (A2) and bombing (B2) biplane. Wingspan 14.16 m, length 9.61 m. Armament: 1 fixed Vickers machine gun, 2 Lewis machine guns on TO7 mountings, 1 ventral Lewis machine gun.

We have  a Farman 12 We engine in 1/72 nd scale, in resin. This engine will be adaptable to our kit FR0038 Potez 25 Hispano (same fin and rudder). Decals FR0X16 will be provided later, sold separately (might evolve): 

  • One aircraft in GAO 513, Clermont-Ferrand, coded White 8 on the fin, with a very nice large badge of GAO 503 (a coc with motto "Nec Provocare Neque Fugere") - unfortunately the serial number and code under wings is unknown. 
  • Nr1958 with code K188 under lower wing. It might be the same aircraft as above, the insigna on fuselage (if any) is hidden, as well as the code on fin and serial number.
  • French roundels and rudder flags will be provided in the decal sheet (FR0X16 GAO 513), which will allow also to have a Potez 25 Lorraine from the same GAO 513 (not before a few months)