FR0036 Super Mystère B2 Late

We are producing with Special Hobby 3 boxes (maybe 4) of this kit, in french ( Atar 101 G-3 engine) and israeli version (Atar 101 G-2 and Pratt & Whitney J-52 engines). The kits will be in 1/72 nd scale.

Documentation (all the below doc in french) :

  • Les chasseurs Dassault Ouragans, Mystères et Super-Mystères - Cuny - Docavia
  • Super Mystère B2 en service dans l'Armée de l'Air - Liebert, Moreau, Defever - EM37 Editions
  • Ciel de Guerre 26 - La Force Armée Israélienne (III) - January 2015
  • Ciel de Guerre xx - La Force Armée Israélienne (IV) - release date scheduled for March 201

Camouflages :

  • SM B2 Nr 83, 12-ZT, EC 02/12 "Cornouaille", Cambrai, 10/07/74 to 14/03/75. Standard camouflage (Dog and Scorpion) with LeKG 42 badge on fuselage following a visit to Pferdsfeld (Germany) in August 74
  • SM B2 Nr 95, 10-SK, EC 01/10 "Valois", Creil, 22/12/69 to 5/04/73,  Dassault camouflage (Vietnam style), small roundels
  • SM B2 Nr 85, 12-YF, EC 01/12 "Cambrésis", Cambrai, 16/02/71 to 09/12/711, standard camouflage with Tiger and Wasp badge

Test shots : we have received the pictures of tests shots (27 th of march):






We will keep you updated soon on this high priority project. You may see below the 3D views. The nose, with a rather difficult shape, has been done in one part (as requested by some french enthusiasts we are working with) :

3D views: