We have published the drafts for FR0X03 and FR0X04 (decals for Potez 25), we have found very interesting new informations). These sheets should allow to build very colourful aircraft. Release expected ... later.

The B-10 kits FR0042, FR0043 and FR0044 have been delivered in France on the 9 th of November. We are shipping ...

The book "Les Aviateurs Polonais en France en 1940" goes down to 36 euros (previous price : 65 euros)... in french language


  • Sold out : FR0035 Super Mystère B2 Early.
  • We only have a few remaining copies of our book "Lioré et Olivier LeO 45", in english
  • FR004 kit (Savoia SM 79 JIS/JRS B is sold out. We still have a few kits, but without boxes, so we can't sell them to shops. You may still order to collect at events (with 10 % discount). Same for FR021 Mystère IVA Israel (a few damaged boxes left) and FR0024 Stampe Belgium
  • Nearly sold out : FR008 Nieuport France & Belgique, FR0025 Stampe France, FR0028 Breguet 1050 Alizé 1G France, FR0036 Super Mystère B2 Late.

FR0044 B-10B in US Service, wing and additionnal sprue:


Wing sprue, B10 Export WH-2/WAA :


Fuselage sprue, B10 (tests shots) :








FR0043 B-10 Export WC, WAN (long nacelle), tests:






Clear Parts, B10 (tests) :




Types of B_10 FRROM :

We have two types of wing first panel, with "short" (1 to 6) or "long" (7 to 9) nacelleon upper wing

Camouflages FR0042 first box  (drawing 7) :

  • B-10 Export WH-2 in service with ML-KNIL (Netherland East Indies, 1941/1942) at beginning of WWII in Pacific theater, M-520 probably
  • B-10 Export WAA, Argentine Army, probably  B-504 in 1944, standard nose.
  • B-10 Export  WAA, Argentine Army, with long nose, one of two such modified, B-510 or B-511

Specific parts for the long-nose argentine version:




 Camouflages FR0043 second box (please notice the long nacelle) :

  • B-10 Export WC in service with China, in 1937,  probably 1403 with 14 th Volunteer Sqn (Please have a look at kit  FR0034 Gamma 2E Bomber in China). Drawing 9
  • B-10 Export WAN, Argentine Navy, probably 2-B-3, February 1939. Drawing 8.

 Camouflages FR0044 B-10B third box (drawing 5) :

  • B-10B 35-238 of 28 th Bomber Sqn, 1941,Philippines.
  • B-10B coded 138, hack of 17 th Pursuit Sqn, 1 st PG, Selfridge, MI, USA