Projects: CASA C-212 in french colours should be available at end of March (FR0040), and SNCASE Mistral (french modification of the Vampire, 250 built), see page FR0041 and below (box art)

Project: Renard R-31, the only aircraft designed and built in Belgium and used in combat missions during WWII. Please see page FR0039, where we have added the clear parts. The second mould is almost ready, and the propeller will be corrected. Expected release date : may 2018.  

Project: Potez 25 A2/B2 - pages FR0037 and 38 - release postponed - scheduled date will be communicated later. We are studying the possibility of having also a Potez 29.

Project:  Super Mystère B2 (1/72 nd) - tests shots in March 2018 - please see page FR0035

  • We are working on the Dassault Super Mystère B2, we plan to release 3 or 4 boxes of this important french plane. First tests should be available in march 2018. Page updated on 18 th of December, 2017 
  • Project BIZERTE:  the Newsletter Nr 04 has been sent in July 2017 - we put it today into the site. We were studying the possibility to get an injected-plastic kit of the Breguet Bizerte at 1/72 nd scale, but we need your opinion an the matter and support. please have a look at the dedicated page...  If not enough people are interested, we will cancel the project. See also the Breguet Bizerte book.

FR0041 Mistral: box art and 3D pictures