SPAD 510 : images of the sprues, below. Boxes, decals, instructions printed. Clear parts soon ... and the kits will follow. Release on beginning of July in Prague.

Some news : we planned to have a few molds done in Ukraine. Due to unfortunate events, we will experience delays and will keep you updated later. SMB2 in 1/48 th is still progressing.

FR0046 Fairey Battle MK.I: 3 boxes, release ... later, please see the dedicated page FR0046 with 3D Views in the said page, with some new MG designs


  • We only have a few remaining copies of our book "Leo 45" (in english)
  • Gamma Bomber in Spain : we will produce this kit in 1/72 nd, injected plastic. This will consist of one new sprue (fuselage, stabilos, cowling) plus code and canopy in vacu (2). intended to replace the corresponding parts in our FR0034 kit (Gamma Bomber in China). The kit will be sold directly in our site, coupled with FR0034. Release at beginning of July.
  • We are working on small decal sheets (A7 size) mainly for sold out FRROM kits or nearly sold out. These sheets will be usable with still available kits (example : FR0026 Stampe UK). Planned: Nieuport NiD 29 France / Nieuport NiD 29 Belgium / Stampe in 1940 (Belgium)/ Alizé 1G France / Stampe France. We should not offer the the decals we had in the original kits. The series will be VERY limited.
  • FR004 kit (Savoia SM 79 JIS/JRS B is sold out. We still have a few kits, but without boxes, so we can't sell them to shops. You may still order to collect at events (with 10 % discount). Same for FR021 Mystère IVA Israel (a few damaged boxes left), FR0024 Stampe Belgium, FR0025 Stampe France, FR0028 Breguet 1050 Alizé 1G France.
  • FR0X03 Belgian Roundels: sold out (decals)
  • Nearly Sold out : FR005 Savoia SM79 JRS B1, FR008 Nieuport France & Belgium (5 remaining), FR011 PZL P.24 Over Danube. FR009 FW 58B Weihe Export, FR0030 Alizé ALH, FR0044 B-10B in US Service

SPAD 510, sprues (draft - small improvements to come for the small parts sprue):




Gamma Bomber in Spain, sprue :